A letter to my 15yo self

Dear 15 yo Jennifer,

You know that things will get better right?

You’re going to grow into your thick thighs and love your booty. Your body is actually going to be really important to you in the future. Be kind to it. Learn to love it.

You already have cellulite. It’s natural, and it won’t go away. Love it.


Don’t ever touch your eyebrows.


Don’t fall for fad diets, don’t try and fight your natural size. You’re supposed to be curvy. Embrace it!


I want to tell you that the bitchiness will stop. Sorry. I’d be lying. You don’t have the internet yet, so you won’t know about trolls. Don’t listen to them.

You’ll encounter the same kind of girls as high school, and it will suck, but you’ll have learned that they’re not worth your time.

In saying that, you’ll meet some amazing, inspiring women. They are worth your time. Surround yourself with these people.


You’ll have your heart broken. It’s okay. It mends. It will make you stronger.

Follow your gut. It’s usually right.

Take risks. You’ll be a better human for it.

Take the time to love yourself. Take you time. A really amazing human says that if you can’t love yourself, how in the hell you gonna love somebody else? Amen.


25yo Jennifer x

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