My tips for beating jet lag

So last time I came to London I struggled with my jet lag, which is surprising, given I was flying west to east (generally that’s easier).

I don’t know if this time it was easier because I knew I had meetings as soon as I hit the ground, or because I prepared myself better. So if you want to feel like this after getting off a 30hr long haul, here are my tips.

Firstly, hydration is key! Anyone who knows me, or has seen me around, knows that I carry a 1.5L water bottle that literally looks like a giant adult sized sip cup. I make myself drink at least one and a half of these on a regular day, so roughly just over 2L a day of water. The day before I flew, I drank about 3.5L of water, and then on my flight, I drank one bottle on the first flight, and one on the second. Then when I landed, I probably drank the equivalent of 1.5L in sparkling water, because, treat yo self.

Secondly, avoid alcohol. WHAT?! Me? Avoid alcohol? Not going to lie, I love me a complimentary beverage, but when it comes to jet lag, the last thing you want is to be hungover, and jet lagged when you touch down at your destination. I had a couple of glasses just to get to sleep, not going to lie, but that’s all. PLUS, if you didn’t already know, alcohol dehydrates you, and if you didn’t read my first tip, hydration is key.

Thirdly, be that girl with all the masks and creams. Obviously make sure they’re in the travel limit, because the last thing you want is to be throwing out your really nice rose water hydrating mist at security (amirite!?! This happened to me last time.. I was devo). At the moment, I’m a massive fan of everything hydration, because if you do a tonne of flying, the pressurisation literally sucks the goodness out of your skin, and it always leaves mine all flaky (possible overshare..not sorry). SO, that being said, before I flew I covered myself in moisturiser, and then twice covered my face in Clinelle’s Hydration Face Cream. It is actually the best. For my lips, I had my trusty Frank Bod, and then I was good to go.

Fourth, obviously is sleep. If you’re like me, and are really tall, sleeping on planes is never nice (I’m still waiting for that business class upgrade..). Try and get as much sleep as you can, but tip is to check the time zone of your final destination, and try and sleep when you would be sleeping there. It’s obviously going to be hard, especially when, like me, you’re flying from Melbourne to London.. but give it your best go.

Anyway, that’s all from me today.

Till next time <3 xxx


Feature image taken from @saashaburns Instagram

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