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Sunday lunch is a sacred ritual. Not only does it have to be spent in great company, it also has to have great food. Today was just that.

Since moving back to Melbourne, I’ve taken it upon myself to explore again, trying out different areas, and different foods. Today I found myself on Brunswick Street in Fitzroy, one of Melbourne’s best-known foodie hotspots.

Channelling the inner north hipster vibe with pallet ceiling hangers and a street art mural on the main wall, Mukka’s bright interior also invites you in from the outside.


We ordered Mukka’s ‘Feed Me’ non-vegetarian deal (they also cater for vegan/vegetarian and dietary requirements); $35 for a selection of street food, curries and sweets. If you’re not really hungry, I’d go with ordering from the main menu, as they are extremely generous with the servings!

We were served the Bhel Puri and Chicken Tikka from the street food selection, and Goat Curry, Matar Paneer and Dal Tadka, as well as the usual suspects of Papadums and Naan Bread.

Cocktails: Bloody Maharaja with Four Pillars Dry Gin and a Traditional Lassi with Rum
Street Food: Chicken Tikka, Papadums and Bhel Puri
Curries and Naan Bread

Hands down this was some of the best Indian I’ve had in a while, and only three months ago I was able to taste the infamous Indian cuisine of Tooting Bec in London.

Mukka comes highly recommended, it’s not just great value for money, it’s tasty wholesome Indian street food with a great vibe!

You can check out Mukka’s website here

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