Jenn tries (and loves) W1LL Yoga

So last year was a whirlwind experience for me. I lost touch with myself, my body.

They say that moving house is one of the most stressful things you’ll do in your life. Well, in 2017, I did it three times.

Couple (Triple?) that with a new-found modelling career, a part-time job, and a full-time Masters course. I was having people constantly look at me in awe, questioning how on earth I was balancing it all. The truth is I wasn’t. Not that I knew that.

I thought I was doing great, praising my body for not ‘carking’ it, or getting sick like it usually did at a certain time of year; instead, I kept pushing on.

I kept pushing on even when I couldn’t breathe because I had stabbing pains in my chest; I knew it wasn’t normal, but I told myself I was ok. (Turns out I was suffering from really bad stress induced anxiety).DSC00987

When I was washing my hair one day before a shoot, and a tiny little clump fell out, that’s when I knew I had to take control. I realised I had to stop. I had to slow down and I had to reconnect with my body.

That final move brought me up to Sydney, doing that whole ‘moving to the big smoke to chase my dreams’ kind of thing. I was on a journey, both emotional and spiritual. Because it was a new city I thought, new city new start.

I’d been to the odd yoga class back when I was living in Melbourne, and I loved it. I just hadn’t made the time for myself to fully benefit from the practice.

When I was little my favourite Disney movie was Pocahontas, not just because she was one of the only ones I looked like, but also because of the connection I felt with the earth, and nature. I’ve always followed my gut, my intuition- that’s why yoga spoke to me in a way that I can’t describe.

Everyone should do yoga. Seriously.

Not just that, every BODY can do yoga. It doesn’t discriminate. That’s why when I moved to Sydney, I felt a connection with the studio just up the road from me.

One of the first things that resonated with me is that the yoga space is a no judgement zone. There is no room for comparison. We are all equal.DSC00940

That’s why I fell in love with W1LL. Their beautiful studio in Surry Hills was everything I was looking for, it was a no judgement zone, and completely different to the yoga I had experienced before.

Complete with visuals on a cinema-sized screen, W1LL also plays incredible beats that have been specifically created into a mix for class- I did sun salutation to Justin Bieber’s ‘Where Are You Now’.

They also give proceeds of each class to the Human Kind Project, so when I stepped on my mat, I knew I was helping out a human in need.

BUT, I had to move back to Melbourne, and I couldn’t find that same practice anywhere else, especially that was near enough to get to. DSC01000

For ages I kept saying, I wish W1LL did something online- I was using YouTube videos for a while, and even though they were good, they weren’t what I was after. Well, now they do.

Now I try and do yoga at least three times a week, in my own home, with my bluetooth speaker blasting. It’s incredible. W1LL offers all kinds of classes, from Flow to Base and Soul, as well as beginner videos for the yoga newbies. They also offer Meditation videos, which I’ve found really useful.

It’s also super affordable, and proceeds from your membership still go to the Human Kind Project.





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