Reflections from Capri

I can’t describe how incredibly blessed I feel right now.

I’m writing from Capri, where I’ve had the most magical of experiences, shooting a bridal campaign for Australian brand One Day.

My feet are currently dangling over the edge of a rocky platform, my toes dipping in the gentle waves as they break on the shore.

As I watch the sunrise glisten over the water, I’m close to tears (I’m not crying you’re crying),  because I still can’t believe that a girl like me has had an opportunity like this.

Yesterday I woke at 3:30am, when the sun was still sleeping, I donned diamanté encrusted bridal gowns and waded through shallow ocean grottos living my best mermaid life.

In the late afternoon I lay on a boat and was taken into caves with bright aquamarine waters and watched the coastline of Capri fade into the distance as the ocean breeze blew through my hair as we set sail.

This is the stuff of dreams, that I once dreamt and visualised, but is now my reality.

As I gaze into the water, that is so clear I can see the pebbles underfoot, I’m reflecting on the decisions I’ve made that have brought me here.

To most people the concept of manifestation, and the law of attraction seems impossible, but a year ago I had an awakening.

I embarked on a journey. One of self development and self love. A journey that allowed me to search deeper within myself and the world around me, and one that allowed me to ask what I wanted to provide to the world, and what it could provide for me.

I believe that everything happens for a reason, nothing ever happens by coincidence or chance. I trust my journey and believe I am supposed to be here right now in this moment.

Have I made it? I’m still not sure, I still feel like I am on my journey and haven’t reached the final destination.

Even though I know I’ve still got longer to go, I know, and trust that this is my path, but all I know is that the fire in my belly is stronger than ever.







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