One Day Bridal Campaign

So I was lucky enough to shoot the campaign of my dreams in Capri on the Amalfi coast in August this year.

Not only was the location stunning, I had the absolute privilege of wearing the most divine gowns from One Day Bridal.

I still joke that my future wedding will never live up to these photos.. (probably not the location, but my dress probably will- I know where I’m going to look first!)

Here are a few of the campaign shots. Photographer: Emily Abay. Hair and Makeup: Monica Gingold.

chosenbyoneday-labelladonna-Curve-2018-LR-32chosenbyoneday-labelladonna-Curve-2018-LR-31chosenbyoneday-labelladonna-Curve-2018-LR-25Chosen by One Day Campaign 2018-3Chosen by One Day Campaign 2018-5Chosen by One Day Campaign 2018-6chosenbyoneday-labelladonna-Curve-2018-LR-37chosenbyoneday-labelladonna-Curve-2018-LR-38Chosen by One Day Campaign 2018-2jpgChosen by One Day Campaign 2018-1

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